Education is the backbone of every nation

empowering a person to face new challenges, achieve progress and lead a successful life.

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Welcome to Good Shepherd Matric. Hr. Sec. School

A school, which has a very eco-friendly campus and is well equipped with state-of-art infrastructure, designed to take care of sports and recreational activities.

Splendid Labs

Good Shepherd seeks to provide every student a rich amount of essential soft and educational skills. In addition, we strongly believe in academic excellence and do not compromise on teaching standards and discipline.

Expert Teachers

Our school has a dazzling assemblage of competent, talented and dedicated teachers, who contribute to an enjoyable and a facile learning experience.

Interactive Lectures

What sets us apart from the rest is, our commitment to quality education and innovative teaching approach with specific objectives and planned activities, for achieving excellence in all spheres of education.

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Where Potential Meets Passion

We value sportsmanship, inclusion, and achievement through teamwork and collaboration.

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Why Good Shepherd?

Our vision is based on hard work and open communication with a strong emphasis on team work and high levels of responsibility which keeps us ahead of others. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.


The wide variety of sports and activities on offer ensure that all students are able to take part or compete in this important area of School life regardless of their talents or skills.


Co-curricular provision at Good Shepherd is exceptional and forms an essential part of the way in which we seek to develop and strengthen our aims and values. There is a strong emphasis on broad participation.


All our academic staff are subject specialists, and are all committed to providing well-paced and stimulating lessons that not only cover the appropriate syllabuses but which also inspire a genuine spirit of enquiry

You are assured that you will be proud of yourself as a confident and successful
"Good Shepherdian".


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

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